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A few choice photos from the Spring Rally



Misc Photos.  Some from exotic places!

On a beach in Chile - Thanks Andres


On a beach in Holland - Thanks Ilmar

in the UK at St. Andrews - Thanks Ian

From Walt at Wind and Sand at the fall  rally

From Dan -our dealer in S. Oregon -  Beautiful beaches!



NY City Rally



I have been remiss in posting photos.

Some photos from a day of ice sailing on Lake Como in Wisconsin.

oops! a nite loses a mast.

November Trip for the Autodesk Demo.  A big thanks to Autodesk for inviting us out.  2 of our boats were on display at the convention and we got to take a bunch of the press people out sailing for the afternoon.  Our first day back was spent "tuning up" at Ivanpah Dry Lake.

no wind so a balloon ride - YAHOO


Photos from the NY rally.  Some are mine and some from our host Harold.  Thanks Harold!


Don't let this happen to you!  Although the cop declined to write a ticket, our friend Collin just couldn't resist a quick turn through the sub-division.  I believe he was about 5 over the limit.


Some odds and ends.

From Scotland - St Andrews Beach

From Jack and Nina some NISC photos

Photos from NY Rally.  A little wet but very windy.  We will be back soon!



Some photos from the Owner Rally West - about 30 boats and 3 days of really excellent sailing!



A little ice on Pewaukee lake in WI.


Fall Owners' Rally and the introduction of the 2006 boats.  This will be growing over the next few days as we get our photo discs back.

These are big files so be ware! 

From Mikel Flores some great photos!



A little grass sailing



I have been remiss in my posting duties.  This update is kind of a hodge podge of testing for the new rigs and owner's photos.

From Patricia Sargeant- 2 great photos of late afternoon sailing in Cannon Beach, OR

Walt in WA getting some parking lot time.

Photos of testing the new rigs in the Sirocco and Twin



Back at Ivanpah with the Spring owners rally.  We had 30 boats and about 40 pilots at the Spring Fling.


Twin Photos



Fall rally photos. 20 boats and 30 pilots participated.





Fooling around the last day of the  Spring Rally.  Some Sprint and Sirocco Pics.



A little Ice Sailing.  It has been a crummy year for ice in the Midwest.  Fortunately the Sirocco is at home on a lot of surfaces so lack of ice has not cramped our style too much.  That being said, we are more than happy to get onto the ice when it is available.



Owners Rally and Sprint Debut

We had a great rally.  We got about 4 - 5 hours of good wind every day.  Some good racing too.

John, Cheryl, Matt and Patrick (who needs a haircut) Larry Hangs

Sprint Sailing (Jill comes in with a BIG smile)

  Afternoon Racing

Sirocco as Pickup Truck - Check out those mountains! Thanks for getting the marks Buryl.


Siroccos playing on the pavement.


Some photos of the Sirocco and the prototype of the Sirocco Sprint.  The Sprint is expected to enter full production in July.




NISC on a Sunday outing.

(The light gray Sirocco is actually prototype 10 which is still sailing piloted by my father.)


Photos from the Brooklyn Demo - Thanks Harold!


We were back on ice today with the production blades.  Pictures are of my dad getting his first taste of ice.


Some Ice photos from Ken who seems to have been sailing his Sirocco everyday since he brought it home to the lake and some NISC photos.


Photos from testing the blade pack.  The tests went extremely well and we had a great time whipping around the ice.  We will be putting the blades in production ASAP. 


Film shoot with Adrenaline TV.  We lost the weekend due to rain and had to move this to the west side of Ivanpah on Tuesday.  This episode will likely air in March of 03.  Thanks to Duke, Lindsey and the gang.  It was Lindsey's first time sailing and she did a great job.  By late afternoon she was tearing it up with the rest of us. (Check our links page for Adenaline's site)

Daniel introducing Lindsey into the Sirocco. John ready to go.


Duke Hillinger, executive producer gives his review. Carl and John cut loose

Carl tearing up wind The big dog gives the thumbs up.

Lindsey (left) running with the pack.




NALSA Speed Trials and the first ever Sirocco Owners Rally.  We had 7 Siroccos at the rally.  This was about 20% of the fleet.  A big thanks to all the guys from NALSA who organized this thing.  Tues - Fri were great.  Unfortunately rain Saturday took the dry out of dry lake. Rain aside, we had a great time, met some great people and got in some great sailing.

Hanging out and warming up.

  A little racing.

smells like rain what dry lake? OOPS! A Manta gets a bath.



Some night sailing at a local high school. Rich Chapman and his son Matt along with John Huebner getting some time under the lights.


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